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BALLET BEYOND BORDERS 2021 Awards & Scholarships

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Young Choreographer

Junior Age Division

  • Bronze: Miles Schmidt

  • Silver: Carolyn Van Mantgem

Scholarships & Other Awards

​Escuela Cubana de Ballet Veracruz Winter Intensive 2021 in Mexico

  • Landen Olsen

  • Paul VandenBranden

Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba Intensive in Havana

  • Miles Schmidt

Dance 1 Redondo Ballet Scholarship to study in Los Angles

  • Paul VandenBranden

Ballet Beyond Borders, Montana August 2021​

  • Landen Olsen

  • Miles Schmidt

  • Paul VandenBranden

Colleen O'Callahan (BBB juror) will mentor two dancers from Move To Dance

  • Carolyn Van Mantgem

  • Twilight Sherman

Creative Mentoring/Collaborative Tap Film Project with Leslie Stevens

  • Caleb Williamson

  • Carolyn Van Mantgem

  • Miles Schmidt

  • Melissa Hinz

"Happy," choreographed by Caleb Williamson, and performed by Caleb, Carolyn, Miles, Melissa, & Paul, was featured in the BBB Gala.

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