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Watch: Move To Dance pieces performed at

Ballet Beyond Borders Summer 2021

Twilight Sherman 2021.JPG
Miles Schmidt 2021.JPG
Paul VandenBranden 2021
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Tap Dancing
Taylor Nada, Miles Schmidt, & Twilight Sherman - Keenan Hinz Photography
Caleb Williamson & Amira Wanden
"Cool" - Keenan Hinz Photography

Awards & Scholarships

Young Choreographer 

Junior Age Division

  • Bronze: Miles Schmidt 

  • Silver: Carolyn Van Mantgem 

Scholarships & Other Awards

Escuela Cubana de Ballet Veracruz Winter Intensive 2021 in Mexico

  • Landen Olsen

  • Paul VandenBranden

Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba Intensive in Havana

  • Miles Schmidt

Dance 1 Redondo Ballet Scholarship to study in Los Angles

  • Paul VandenBranden

Ballet Beyond Borders, Montana August 2021

  • Landen Olsen

  • Miles Schmidt

  • Paul VandenBranden

Colleen O’Callahan (BBB juror) will mentor 2 dancers from Move To Dance

  • Carolyn Van Mantgem

  • Twilight Sherman

Creative Mentoring/Collaborative Tap Film Project with Leslie Stevens

  • Caleb Williamson

  • Carolyn Van Mantgem

  • Miles Schmidt

  • Melissa Hinz

"Happy" choreographed by Caleb Williamson, performed by Caleb, Carolyn, Miles, Melissa, & Paul was featured in the BBB Gala. 

To see the videos we made for BBB click here: 

Carolyn Van Mantgem, Landen Olsen, & Chloé Schmidt - Keenan Hinz Photography
Paul VandenBranden & Melissa Hinz - Keenan Hinz Photography

Dancing Stars Of Humboldt 2020

Now available to stream online!

DSH exists to educate, promote, and encourage the talented dancers of Humboldt County while providing low cost cultural enrichment for the community. We give dancers the experience of auditioning and performing in a professional setting, which will help prepare them for entering the professional dance world.  

To learn more click here.


Ballet Beyond Borders 2020


I'm so proud of Carolyn van Mantgem, Miles Schmidt, and Jackson Rankin who carried themselves with maturity, kindness, and a willingness to be open to new experiences! Miles won silver and Carolyn won bronze for their tap solos. They both were awarded generous scholarships to attend the Sunrise Studios Konservatorium in Vienna after high school and received full scholarships to attend the next BBB.  Jackson was awarded a full scholarship and acceptance to the Goh Ballet Youth Company Annual Program and was picked as one the the Juror's favorite dancers. I won silver in the professional open category for my tap solo and was awarded outstanding school. It was an honor to be one of the guest teachers.  We all had a wonderful time taking master classes and connecting with people from around the world. Thank you Charlene Carey and the BBB team! 

Photo by Walter Lex Barrera
8639276A-E550-4510-9A2C-DCA430B3421A 3.J





It was an honor to win gold for my tap solo, "Make Me Feel", that I choreographed and performed at Ballet Beyond Borders!  I was also honored with an Outstanding School of Dance Award!  It was wonderful performing with Kaeyln Gray and Jackson Rankin at BBB!  I'm so proud of them for winning scholarships to prestigious summer intensives.

Dancing Stars of Humboldt Logo

DSH 2019 was a huge success! 

Thank you to the dancers and everyone who came out to support them!

Learn more at

Dancing Stars of Humboldt Promo
Ballet Beyond Borders
Ballet Beyond Boarders

 Guest teaching and performing at Ballet Beyond Boarders in January 2018 was awesome!  

Ikolo Griffin and I won gold for our piece and Jessi and I won bronze!  

Ikolo Griffin & Melissa Hinz at BBB 2018
Sunrise Studios
Melissa Hinz, Guest Teacher, VIBE, Vienna, Austria

I was honored to be a guest teacher at Sunrise Studios and VIBE in beautiful Vienna, Austria in April 2017.   I also performed my tap choreography in the VIBE finals! 

Melissa Hinz, Vienna, Austria
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