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Adult Dance Classes

For over a decade, Melissa has taught dance classes to adults of all ages, from the absolute beginner to the highly experienced. Dance is a universal language that connects us all. Her classes are designed to help each student find freedom of movement and awareness of healthy alignment. No matter where you are in your dance journey, Melissa will support and encourage you to do your best and have fun in the process. See the 2023 class schedule below.

She is excited to announce the Just Move Dance Series for seniors and adults of all ages starting in January 2023.

*If you are over 19 and interested in taking classes in the youth training program, don't hesitate to contact Melissa.

Melissa Hinz

Adult Ballet

Strengthen technique, musicality, and performance skills in this fun, high-energy class with a diversely expressive range of music. Increase your awareness of safe alignment while creating ballet's beautiful lines and shapes. For adults of all ages with an intermediate level of experience and higher. Pointe is optional and only for those with prior experience. Wear ballet or athletic clothing. Come enjoy the beauty, grace, and power of ballet. 

       Tuesdays 9:00-10:30 am

January 10 - June 13, 2023

Adult Jazz

The class will consist of a warm-up with exercises focusing on the techniques of jazz, ballet, contemporary, and yoga using a variety of fun, energetic music. Then, the class will continue with learning choreography in multiple styles. Students will gain coordination, musicality, and strength in body and mind while enjoying the ability to dance with joy. For adults of all ages with an intermediate level of experience and higher. Wear dance or athletic clothing. 

       Wednesdays 9:00-10:30 am

       Fridays 9:00-10:30 am

January 11 - June 16, 2023

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