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Melissa Hinz Dancer


Classes are designed to help each student find freedom of movement and awareness of healthy alignment. No matter where you are in your dance journey, Melissa will support and encourage you to do your best.

Melissa Hinz

Private Lessons & Coaching

Choreography Commissions

If you are an experienced dancer looking to refine your skills, a beginner learning your first steps, or have choreography that needs cleaning in technique or performance quality, Melissa will guide you with her expert knowledge and experience.


Choreography can be commissioned in a wide variety of dance styles to all genres of music for many occasions.

Melissa Hinz Dancer


This program is designed to meet the needs of dedicated dance students 12-17 years old and adults with prior experience who seek individualized attention to help them reach their desired goals.
Dance moves my life in extraordinary ways!

I'm deeply committed to bringing the joy of dance to the people I have the honor to teach, the audiences I perform for, and by sharing stories through my choreography.

Melissa Hinz Signature

Founder & Artistic Director

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